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Healthiest food to order in Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest Asian cuisines. It is a go-to cuisine for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Vietnamese cuisine also helps in curing hangovers. It is one of the rare Asian cuisines that cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

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The Four Best Side Dishes and Drinks from Vietnam

The Vietnamese Herb Platter or Dia Rau Song is the most popular and common side dish served with many dishes like pho beef noodle soup in Tampa, Florida. It is well suited with fried dishes as well, like the fried spring rolls. The tangy flavor of Dia Rau Song adds a lemony and refreshing punch to the main course.

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3 Helpful Tips for Eating Pho Like A Pro

Since Pho is a traditional dish, people need to follow some eating etiquette while eating Pho. These etiquettes are more essential to follow if you are visiting an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. Some of the helpful tips to eat Pho like a pro are mentioned below-