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Discover the Two Main Components of Pho Ga

Pho soup was first invented in the late nineteenth century in the streets of Vietnam. Initially, it was served to the factory workers and travelers because you can easily consume the soup and get all the required nutrients. Now, Pho Ga is the most loved Pho in the world. To put it simply, Pho Ga is an authentic Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. It is the best flu medicine because many herbs are present in the soup. 

Pho Ga is a simple dish that needs much patience. To make Pho Ga at home, people need to understand the different components of the chicken noodle soup. The main components of Pho Ga include-

  1. The broth

Unlike the other Asian counterparts, Vietnam judges the quality of the Pho based on the type of broth instead of noodles. The broth is a soup that includes meat chunks, bones, herbs, and spices. The taste, consistency, and transparency of the broth determine the quality of the broth. The bone marrow should be dissolved in the broth completely. 

It is simmered and boiled for hours. One needs to boil the broth for a minimum of 6 hours to get a quality broth. An ideal simmer time of the broth is 8 to 12 hours if you wish to follow the authentic Vietnamese Pho Ga Recipe. In Tampa, Floridathere are many ethnic restaurants like Pho 813, where the broth is simmered for over fifteen hours to achieve the aromatic and delicious taste.

  1. The Chicken

Ga is the Vietnamese term for chicken, and it is an integral part of Pho Ga. The chicken is cut into pieces and shredded before adding to the broth. You need to boil the chicken before adding it to the broth. The pre-boiling helps in eliminating the impurities and achieving clear broth. The must-have chicken parts in pho ga are breasts, back, thighs, and bones. You can enhance the mild flavors of chicken by adding ginger and onion to it.

What are two cooking methods for Pho?

If you are making Pho at home, then two cooking methods for Pho include the pressure cooker method and stovetop method. Using pots to simmer the pho broth and pans to roast the whole spices on a stove is the best method for cooking Pho. You might fail in making the perfect Pho Ga in the first attempt. You can always visit Pho 813 and order pho ga from the pho beef noodle & grill menu in Tampa, FloridaWe are known for following the authentic Vietnamese Pho Ga Recipe in Tampa, FloridaOur chefs meticulously prepare a variety of Vietnamese sandwiches and Pho for the people of Florida.