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The Four Best Side Dishes and Drinks from Vietnam

Side dishes are essential in any cuisine, be it the slices of bread served with the main dish or the drinks like lemonade or buttermilk accompanying your main course. A regular American meal consists of two side dishes, and the first side dish is a vegetable side dish, whereas the second side dish is a loaf of bread. They also love a mashed potato as the side dish, and it is often an essential part of the Thanksgiving meal.

The side dish can be defined as the dish served and the main course for an enhanced dining experience. Sometimes side dishes are included with the main course like the mashed potatoes and other times you have to order the side dishes of your choice. These are served in small proportions to complement the main course. You can request a side dish or a drink with pho chicken noodle soup in Tampa, Florida. Pho 813 is one of the best places to experience the richness of Vietnamese cuisine, and it also serves some of the unique side dishes with their best pho beef noodle soup in Tampa, Florida.

Side dishes or a hearty drink is an integral part of the Asian food culture. The famous Kimchi is a prime example of a famous side dish. In Vietnamese cuisine, side dishes are essential; they amplify the flavor and nullify the excessive sugar or fiber content. The Vietnamese side dishes can range from a simple salad to a complex blend of dips. Some of the most popular side dishes and drinks are mentioned below-

  1. Dia Rau Song- the Vietnamese herb platter

The Vietnamese Herb Platter or Dia Rau Song is the most popular and common side dish served with many dishes like pho beef noodle soup in Tampa, Florida. It is well suited with fried dishes as well, like the fried spring rolls. The tangy flavor of Dia Rau Song adds a lemony and refreshing punch to the main course.

The herb platter includes lettuce, cilantro, culantro, cucumbers, bean sprouts, lemon, and when people want to increase the spicy levels, then hot chili peppers are also added to the side dish.

  1. Carrot and daikon pickle- the Vietnamese Pickle platter

Some of the side dishes served in Vietnam are very colorful; orange, green, and white are the most popular side dishes. Pickled vegetables with carrot and daikon and the carrot cucumber salad are served with the Banh Mi sandwich. The salad and pickles are the most popular side dish added to the sandwich. The salad gives a refreshing touch to the sandwich. The earthy, crunchy, and tangy flavors complement the Banh Mi flavors. 

  1. Rau Muong Xao Toi- the Vegetarian paradise platter

The Rau Muong Xao Toi is the apt and best side dish for vegetarians. The side dish shows the richness of Vietnamese cuisine. The farming nation of Vietnam has a variety of vegetables to use. The Rau Muong Xao Toi is made of the morning glory plant. The morning glory plant is widely known as the water spinach. 

Other ingredients include garlic, sauces like fish sauce, oyster sauce, salt, and sugar. A variety of cooking techniques are used in making Rau Muong Xao Toi, like blanching and stir-frying. The blanched morning glory is fried with garlic and ingredients to get the garlic flavor. It is served hot and is suitable to eat with sticky rice, vegetarian pho, and many other dishes.

  1. Tuong Cham Goi Cuon- the Peanut dip sauce

It is impossible to imagine Vietnamese spring rolls without the peanut dip sauce. The peanut dip sauce is commonly known as Tuong cham Goi Cuon in the streets of Vietnam. The base ingredients of the peanut dip sauce are peanuts and coconut oil. It can be eaten with the fried spring rolls or the steamed spring rolls. The highlight of eating the side dish is that it nullifies excess sugar present in the spring roll because of the shrimp and meat filling.


There are many other side dishes that people love to eat with pho beef noodle soup in Tampa, Florida,like Mam Tom Chua, widely known as Fermented Vietnamese shrimp. The pho chicken noodle soup in Tampa, Floridais more famous because of the side dishes that are served with it. Pho 813 is the best place to eat pho chicken noodle soup in Tampa, Florida. They are highly rated and loved across Tampa Bay. Pho 813 is renowned for using organic and locally grown ingredients, and one can easily place the order on their website or the app.