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how to eat pho soup

3 Helpful Tips for Eating Pho Like A Pro

Pho is a popular traditional Vietnamese dish. It represents the flavorful and healthy Vietnamese cuisine globally. Pho has been a part of Vietnamese food culture since the mid 19th century. It is a noodle soup with many variations like Pho Ga, Pho Bo, and Pho Chay. You can find vegan Pho, vegetarian Pho, non-vegetarian Pho at Pho 813, one of the top 10 pho noodle houses in Tampa, Florida.

Since Pho is a traditional dish, people need to follow some eating etiquette while eating Pho. These etiquettes are more essential to follow if you are visiting an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. Some of the helpful tips to eat Pho like a pro are mentioned below-

  1. The Chopstick rule

People are given a spoon and chopstick to eat Pho. They need to hold the spoon in their left hand and chopsticks in the right. Wooden chopsticks may cause a splinter. Therefore, you need to rub the chopsticks before separating them. One also needs to keep a small dish on the table to keep the chopsticks. People need to refrain from leaving chopsticks in the food bowl if they are not eating as it is considered rude table behavior.

  1. The Broth tasting rule

The quality of its broth determines the quality of Pho. So, before eating Pho, you need to make sure that the broth has the right balance of flavor according to your taste. Use a spoon to taste the broth and add the ingredients that you feel like adding. Pho is served with a lot of side dishes and sauce.

Fish sauce and lime juice are two sauces that are provided with Pho. Many people love to squeeze fresh lime juice for a touch of tangy flavor. You can add fresh herbs, chilies, and black peppers to Pho if you wish. Some people add bean sprouts to get a little crunch while eating Pho.

3. The eating rule

While eating Pho, it is ubiquitous to keep your hands on the table and your face close to the bowl. You need to eat rice noodles, vegetables, and meat chunks using chopsticks and a spoon to consume the broth. 

You need to wait for the host to start eating at a Vietnamese restaurant. It is okay to mix and match ingredients in Pho to suit your taste, so one does not need to hesitate to add ingredients.


Like other countries, Vietnam also has a set of table rules that one needs to follow while eating at a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. Pho 813 is the best pho noodle house in Orlando, Floridafor serving authentic PhoYou can experience the richness of Vietnamese cuisine by dining in or ordering from Pho 813. It is also the hottest destination for pho chicken noodle soup in Tampa, Florida. Pho 813 is a local homemade Pho restaurant working towards bringing the flavor of Vietnam to Tampa, Florida.